Thursday, 11 May 2017

April Favourites

Monthly Favourites

Happy May everyone! So it's the start of a new month (well it was when I wrote this) which means it's time to ramble about my favourite things from April yay!

So McVities Nibbles..I ate a lot of packets of these so many (this is why there's no picture didn't think you'd want to see a picture of an empty packet..I need to hide them away from me pronto) ha! Like I have any left! But seriously if you've tried these you probably know what I'm talking about you can't just have a couple they're so addictive you end up eating the packet without realising (not just me right?) but these are seriously yum!! If you love biscuits and chocolate (who doesn't) then definitely give them a try, but if you're eating healthily (steer clear!) you have been warned!

Friday, 5 May 2017

One For The Stationery Lovers | Paper Haul

Paper Haul Stationery Subscription

It was just National Stationery week last week, if there was any excuse to buy more stationery that would be it. I love Stationery I use it all the time - any excuse to write anything down and I totally will. In honour of National Stationary Week I thought I'd tell you about a cute little monthly stationery collection from Paper Haul* first thing to note about this is it's small enough to be posted through your door, so no need to wait in and it's surprising how much is included! Subscription boxes and collections are so cute they're basically the adult version of lucky dips, weren't they the best things?!
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