Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Whats In My Festival Backpack

Whats In My Bag, Whats In My Festival Bag, Whats In My Festival Backpack

Hello! 🎀

So we all know that when it comes to Festivals we want easy products to be able to use quickly, while on the go. So if you're heading to a Festival I've got some exciting products that you NEED to know about!
It's hot, you're sweating and you definitely need an anti-perspirant that's going to last and keep you feeling fresh. Soft and Gentle have released their 0% Aluminium range. There are three to choose from Floral, Active and Care* which is the one I have. What's different is that this one uses a unique formulation that uses plant-based ingredients that provides a more natural form of protection. It's a good sized spray that you could take and to be honest share with your friends, I mean who cares? The less you have to carry the better right? For just £2.99 this has got you covered.

Mad Beauty is a brand that I love for their quirky and Disney related products. I have done a review on some of their range before which you can find if you click here ← right there. Their Festival products are perfect! The first products I want to mention is the cutest little hand sanitizers* (I love these!) not only are these adorable but they come with a handy little clip so you can easily attach to your bag (like I have in the picture above) or onto your belt, anything! I have honestly never seen anything like this before but it's..dare I say it, the perfect Festival product.

Alternatively, still with Mad Beauty they have a Handy Set* available (also have a similar Disney one here with slightly different products) that all comes in a cute clear pouch with a hand sanitizer, a packet of tissues, wet wipes and hand cream, it has the cutest packaging and all matches. All of these products are scented with a strong coconut scent..well apart from the tissues of course haha! But I could smell the coconut before I even opened the pouch, every time I think of Coconut Moana pops into my head, if you've seen it you totally know why and if you haven't..go watch it!

A really important Festival must have is some form of sun cream to protect your skin. We all know how messy some sun creams are and being at a Festival you want something much easier thats quick. The genius team at Nivea have a roll on sun cream* protection, which has a roller ball applicator, so no mess whatsoever! You can apply this easily without much fuss, it's not only perfect for kids but adults too! 

As for make up, we all love going all out with our makeup looks at Festivals including lots and lots of Glitter am I right? But the boring part is taking it all off afterwards. The last thing we want is to sit down with a make up remover nu-uh! Sleep is needed! That's where make up wipes come in, Niveas 3 in 1 Micellar Water Wipes* are so good, I've been using them a lot. It's a much quicker way to remove your makeup, a win win. After those moisturiser, Nivea do a much smaller version of their Nivea Creme* in a mini 50ml tube, perfect for travelling. I am a big fan of Nivea Moisturisers and this little mini tub is adorable - mini products are my favourite things, for Holidays and Festivals they're perfect!


*Post contains PR Samples



  1. So many little handy pieces here - definitely going to note them down xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. They're the perfect little products :) x

  2. Some lovely products mentioned here; I love those face wipes!

    Emily xo

    1. I love them, they're so handy! x


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