Friday, 7 April 2017

Candy Crush Lip Balms

Candy Crush Lip Balms Review

You know that game that everyone's still obsessed with..yeah that one Candy Crush! You pop on to play for a while and 5 hours later..yep still on it. But this isn't about the game..Ohhh no..this is about Candy Crush Lip Balms. Yep feed your game obsession with these cute novelty lip balms, these are so ideal for a gift if you know someone who loves this game, I mean who doesn't?! Although when I get stuck on a level for days I certainly don't!

The Candy Crush lip balms are available in a choice of four candy flavours which are Bubblegum Bridge* Lemonade Bake, Chocolate Mountains* or Peppermint Palace.

Bubblegum Bridge doesn't have any tint to it but smells just like bubblegum and chocolate mountains has a berry chocolatey scent with a slight berry tint which is a your lips but better tint both leave your lips feeling moisturised.

These fun little lip balms are available in Primark now!


*This post contains PR Samples


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