Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Trying Out Technic Cosmetics

Technic Cosmetics Review

Technic Cosmetics are a brand I've seen popping up a lot recently especially over on Instagram so many pretty things, I've never tried anything from them before and they kindly sent me some products to test out.

Technic Get Gorgeous 24ct Gold Highlighting Powder*
This highlighting powder is pigmented, like really really pigmented to the max which is great however..you knew that was coming didn't you? It's a very warm toned bronzer which I think would suit darker skin tones more. Once I applied this as a highlight it looked like I'd put bronzer in the wrong places..not so good. So for me this is much better as a glittery bronzer for a sunkissed glow but it's a really great product I'm just more of a cool toned highlighter girl.

Technic Cosmetics 24ct Gold Highlighting Powder, Technic Cosmetics 24ct Gold Highlighting Powder Swatch, Technic Cosmetics 24ct Gold Highlighting Powder Swatches

Technic Colour Correcting Setting Powder* ♡
This actually reminds me of a Banana type setting powder that seems to be popping up a lot in the beauty community at the moment, this one is yellow toned but don't be alarmed you wont end up looking like a Minion or anything it works great for under the eyes, setting the concealer in place, cancelling out those dark under eye bags and brightens well.

Technic Mega Lash Mega Volume Mascara*
This mascara has a mega thick brush that applies the mascara really well, I didn't find it added a massive amount of volume but definitely some, it lifted my lashes, defined and lengthened them really well this actually reminds me of the Max Factor False Eye Effect Mascara which I love a possible dupe perhaps? I'll keep you updated on that one.

Technic Eyebrow Definer* ♡
Not gunna lie I normally stick to powders for filling in my eyebrows so this one was completely new for me. It swatches like a felt tip so I was terrified that it would just look like I applied felt tip to my brows but oh no not the case at all. This just does what it says it thickens the brow hair making them look more filled in but leaving you with a natural finish think your brows but better type thing. I couldn't believe how not intense it was compared to how it was when I swatched it, really like this one.

Technic Glitter Eyeshadow Primer*
So I hold my hands up I'm lazy when it comes to eyeshadow primers and don't tend to use them I guess I find my eyeshadow lasts for me without one but I was excited to give this a try. This is especially for shimmer Eyeshadows which I love - all about that glitter. Once I applied this to my eyelids the strong smell which I never noticed beforehand actually caused my eyes to sting and water, my Sister gave it a try and didn't find the same so must be me. However it blended in fairly well leaving a light pink shimmer on my eyelids ready for my eyeshadow which I packed on top, it did keep my eyeshadow locked in place, made my eyeshadow that much more intense than it normally has been without using one and added an extra shimmer to my eyeshadow so it definitely worked really well.

Have you tried Technic Cosmetics?


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