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Mad Beauty

Mad Beauty Review

As you probably know I love anything..ANYTHING to do with Disney and Mad Beauty's range of Disney Inspired Products along with their other cute ranges are so pretty. I'm such a lover of pretty packaging and pretty little things and if you are too you need to know about Mad Beauty.

They have such a different range of cosmetic products to pamper and just all round cute and fun little things - all in the cutest packaging I must say. They kindly gifted me some items to show you and they're the cutest! Ahhh lets get to it!

Winnie The Pooh Lip Balm*
It's a Winnie The Pooh Honey lip balm which is a win from me before I even tried it to be perfectly honest with you but the product itself doesn't disappoint. The Lip Balm has such a nice honey scent to it and is great for popping in your bag to keep your lips hydrated on the go. I was suffering from dry and chapped lips when this arrived so I put this to the test I applied this 3 or 4 times a day and it helped! You could see a noticeable difference and it kept them feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. Did I mention it's cute?

Winnie The Pooh Body Balm*
As well as a Lip Balm Mad Beauty also have a Winnie The Pooh Cream in their range it's the same packaging as the lip balm but with a different scent it's honey and orange blossom and if you love strong floral scents you'll really like this, the scent is so strong and a little goes a long way with this product and leaves you smelling nice hours later just as it smelt when it was first applied which I really liked. The cream sunk into the skin so quickly I was really impressed it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky either. I love this one!

Disney Tinkerbell Sparkling Bath Dust*
Sprinkling Fairy Dust into my bath is just a win for me it's the cutest thing! You can sprinkle in as much as you like and it leaves your bath water baby pink with speckles of glitter shimmering in the water looking just like speckles of pixie dust it's just so so cute. This also smells amazing, to me it was a lavender based scent which is so calming and great for a good night sleep so I love this. Again the packaging is so cute!

Animal Face Masks*
I think these are perfect for a girls night in, it was such a fun night trying these out full of laughs and giggles. If you're looking for a soothing face mask with a bit of fun these are for you. Aside from the fun side to them it feels so soothing, hydrating and moisturising on your skin and leaves your skin feeling fully refreshed.

Animal Headband*
I usually reach for an average headband to hold my hair back when applying make up or moisturiser but this is the cutest headband for that, it's not too tight and the material is really soft and holds back your hair while making you look cute, bonus! I already want the full range, I love it!

Disney Quote Handcreams*
This set comes with a pack of three, each with a different scent and each with a different cute Disney quote printed on the front which, of course, I loved. The scents were Strawberries - so nice, Pear and Ginger which was almost a coconut fresh scent and Cheeky Cherry which smells just like sweets. Each of these weren't sticky or clammy in the slightest, sunk into the skin so quickly and left my hands feeling really soft!

I loved each and every one of these products I can already see my Mad Beauty Wishlist forming of more products I want to try! Definitely give them a look if you love cute and Disney products!

Have you tried Mad Beauty products before?


*This post includes Press Samples 

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  1. I love mad beauty. They are so unique and cute. Some great ideas for unusual presents and a really friendly and nice company to deal with x


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