Friday, 10 February 2017

January Favourites

January Favourites

Baby Lips Lip and Cheek
This bad boy is a multipurpose product you can use it on your lips as a balm or cheeks as a cream blush and it's just amazing, I loved this as soon as I tried it out and want to get more from the range. I'll do a more detailed review of this soon but the pigmentation is incredible for this type of product! If I could own the whole baby lips range that would be great thank you! Definitely still up there with my favourite product ranges.

Benefit Rollerlash Mini Mascara
If you know me at all you'd know that I pretty much love travel-sized mini products I just find them adorable and would much rather buy these than a normal sized version oops. Besides they're great for trying out a new product. I actually borrowed this one from my sister Be My Anchor (Thanks sis) and well..haven't given it back. I'm always fussy with Mascaras I never really love one but this one may be my favourite yet. With the mini version obviously you have a mini mascara wand but I find using smaller wands so much easier than normal sized (at least I poke myself in the eye less anyway) and I love the look this gives on my lashes, so I will be purchasing this one myself and probably should get my Sister another one too..yes in the mini version it's just too cute okay!

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water
This one is a big favourite (forgot to take a picture of it though..oops) and particularly great for those of you who suffer with dry skin and come on that's most of us in Winter. What's different between this one and the original Micellar water is the oil you may have seen pictures where there's a line of yellowish oil floating at the top and it works wonders in removing your make up gently and easier leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated and doesn't leave your skin looking oily in any way either.  It smells so nice as well and lasts really well although mine is pretty much empty right now so I must get a new one soon so I'll stop rambling on now because I will be doing a review on this one..if I have anything left to say..awkward.

Wake Me Up Foundation
I'm currently the lightest shade in this foundation I really want them to bring out a concealer to match this shade pretty please Rimmel? This foundation has such a good coverage leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking slightly dewy. It has glitter speckles in much like my trusty Wake Me Up Concealer but doesn't leave you with a glittery face at all it just helps with that healthy glow. This has been a go to foundation of mine for a few weeks now I just can't put it down!

Squiffy Print Pouch*
This pouch from Squiffy Print is so handy for carrying your essentials in I have been using it non-stop and carrying it everywhere with me, it's perfect for carrying even notebooks in as well as make up products I love it! Did a review on this one here if you want to know some more.


*This post contains PR Samples


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  1. I love that Rimmel foundation! So sad to be running out aha <3
    Morgan //


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