Monday, 6 February 2017

Eucerin Dry Skin Skincare

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Eucerin Dry Skin, Eucerin Review, Eucerin Skincare, Eucerin Skincare Review

Eucerin Face Cream
I did find this Face Cream* really good at keeping my dry skin at bay I do think it would take a lot longer to work if you have already got dry skin patches mind. It doesn't have any  special scent to it or anything more of a chemical smell but it didn't bother me at all. It sinks into the skin really nicely leaving it feeling soft to the touch and hydrating. This along with the Skin Balm is a great combo.

Eucerin Skin Balm
The Skin Balm* has a thick Vaseline based texture. It soothes the thing and acts as a protective layer after using the face cream. I used this along with the face cream and it kept the dry skin away nicely which is really good. This same as the face cream sinks well into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy feel at all.

Eucerin Bath and Shower Oil
Unfortunately the Bath and Shower Oil* was my least favourite product, I found pouring out the oil really hard so some product would get wasted. However the smell of this one would definitely put me off using it. It's almost a fishy smell which I didn't like at all, whereas other family members didn't think it was that bad so I guess it just depends on the person but for me I wouldn't purchase this purely based on the scent.

Eucerin Hand Cream
This Hand Cream* has a similar scent to the Face Cream and from the first use leaves your hands so so soft like seriously soft! It dries in seconds and didn't leave a sticky feeling at all, this one is definitely one of my favourites so good. This would definitely keep your hands in good condition throughout the Winter.

Eucerin Body Wash
I definitely prefer this one to the Bath and Shower Oil it's a thicker gel consistency and as you apply to wet skin applies like a moisturiser then turns into a soapy foam. This has a similar chemical smell to the Face Cream but left my skin feeling really soft and not dry in the slightest.


*This post contains PR Samples

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  1. I keep meaning to try this brand! I've heard great things about their body cream, but Ill have to add a few more things to my list after reading this.


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