Friday, 24 February 2017

30 Things To Jot Down In Your Empty Notebook

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If you're like me and tend to buy a dozen pretty notebooks because they're too pretty not too..and then tend to end up with a stack of notebooks that you really want to use but can't think of anything to to do with them, sound right? Here's a little helpful list of ideas you can used to fill up those empty notebooks - which then means you have an excuse to buy more yay!

♡ Start A Journal
♡ 2017 Goals
♡ Movies To Watch List
♡ Things To Do
♡ Blog Post Ideas

♡ Blog Post Stats
♡ Doodles
♡ Weekly Goals
♡ Monthly Blog Post Schedule
♡ A Line a Day

♡ Pinterest Recipes To Try
♡ Pinterest Crafts To Try
♡ Pinterest DIYs to Try
♡ Pen Testing Page
♡ Seasonal To Do List

♡ Social Media Tracker
♡ Reading List
♡ Shopping List
♡ Spending Habits
♡ Things You Want To Save For

♡ Meal Planner
♡ Upcoming Events
♡ Lots of Lists
♡ YouTube Ideas
♡ Project Notes

♡ Fitness Tracker
♡ Exercise Routine
♡ Recipes You Love
♡ Mood Tracker
♡ Habit Tracker

I hope these help!




  1. Some fab ideas here! I always jot down blog post ideas and to do lists in my notebooks x

    Lucy x |

  2. These are great ideas! I have so many empty notebooks it's actually ridiculous haha

    Emily xo

    1. Me too! Definitely love my stationery haha! x


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