Friday, 24 February 2017

30 Things To Jot Down In Your Empty Notebook

Notebooks, Tips

If you're like me and tend to buy a dozen pretty notebooks because they're too pretty not too..and then tend to end up with a stack of notebooks that you really want to use but can't think of anything to to do with them, sound right? Here's a little helpful list of ideas you can used to fill up those empty notebooks - which then means you have an excuse to buy more yay!

♡ Start A Journal
♡ 2017 Goals
♡ Movies To Watch List
♡ Things To Do
♡ Blog Post Ideas

♡ Blog Post Stats
♡ Doodles
♡ Weekly Goals
♡ Monthly Blog Post Schedule
♡ A Line a Day

♡ Pinterest Recipes To Try
♡ Pinterest Crafts To Try
♡ Pinterest DIYs to Try
♡ Pen Testing Page
♡ Seasonal To Do List

♡ Social Media Tracker
♡ Reading List
♡ Shopping List
♡ Spending Habits
♡ Things You Want To Save For

♡ Meal Planner
♡ Upcoming Events
♡ Lots of Lists
♡ YouTube Ideas
♡ Project Notes

♡ Fitness Tracker
♡ Exercise Routine
♡ Recipes You Love
♡ Mood Tracker
♡ Habit Tracker

I hope these help!



Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Winter Essentials: Nivea Handcreams

Nivea, Nivea Handcreams, Nivea Skincare, Nivea Handcream Review

Handbags in winter definitely need a Handcream in there to protect your hands from drying due to the cold weather. That's where Niveas Handcreams* come in they've just relaunched and these are so cute the packaging makes it ideal for just popping into your handbag but do they actually work?.. Yes they do! The consistency of these means you don't need to use much at all and they instantly make your hands feel so so soft without feeling tacky or wet, it dries instantly and as a bonus they smell really nice too! If you're on the lookout for something to make your hands super soft definitely try these out!

*This post contains PR Samples



Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Maybelline Haul

Maybelline, Maybelline Baby Lips, Maybelline Haul

So I've been buying some make up bits here and there and turns out they were all Maybelline and yes most of them are from the Baby Lips range (swoon) I've seen they've added lip crayons to the range now so they've been added straight to the top of my Beauty Wishlist so I decided to put them altogether and show you the products I've bought.

Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette
Pretty sure this was the only one I purchased not from the Baby Lips range. This eyeshadow palette looks like a dream and I've already tested it out the eyeshadows are SO soft so so soft (that soft) and blend really nicely. I loved the look of the shades, they looked like perfect everyday light and subtle shades, perfect.

Baby Lips Lip Balms
So I couldn't resist adding two more lip balms to my collection one is in the scent Peach and is so nice I could literally eat it (but I won't just FYI) and the other is one from the Pop Art collection which I didn't know about and now I have one I want them all.

Valentine's Baby Lips Lip Balms
Pretty sure these two are limited edition and they're so pretty both have minty scents and I love the little heart on the lip balm itself too cute!

Baby Lips Lip Glosses
Not only are the size of these adorable they're really pretty and subtle lip glosses great to keep in your bag and so easy to apply the applicator isn't the softest but I really like the lip gloss nonetheless.

Maybelline The Falsies Angel Mascara
I wanted to give this one a try after hearing about it the wand is like no other mascara wand that I've seen anyway and I'm excited to give it a try.

Baby Lips Lip and Blush Balms
Another fairly new product I was yet to try was the Lip and Cheek Balm I love the fruity scent and the round sort of ball (great explanation there) of lip balm which applies so easily and feels really hydrating on the lips I love the style of these and the packaging and I bought one then bought another because I liked it so much. Baby Lips is my favourite range!! And this did not disappoint I was really really impressed by this is reminds me kind of the EOS Lip Balms kind of Style and the Cube type ones but I'm all about cute and novelty and when the product is just as great it's a winner!

Have you tried any of these?


Friday, 10 February 2017

January Favourites

January Favourites

Baby Lips Lip and Cheek
This bad boy is a multipurpose product you can use it on your lips as a balm or cheeks as a cream blush and it's just amazing, I loved this as soon as I tried it out and want to get more from the range. I'll do a more detailed review of this soon but the pigmentation is incredible for this type of product! If I could own the whole baby lips range that would be great thank you! Definitely still up there with my favourite product ranges.

Benefit Rollerlash Mini Mascara
If you know me at all you'd know that I pretty much love travel-sized mini products I just find them adorable and would much rather buy these than a normal sized version oops. Besides they're great for trying out a new product. I actually borrowed this one from my sister Be My Anchor (Thanks sis) and well..haven't given it back. I'm always fussy with Mascaras I never really love one but this one may be my favourite yet. With the mini version obviously you have a mini mascara wand but I find using smaller wands so much easier than normal sized (at least I poke myself in the eye less anyway) and I love the look this gives on my lashes, so I will be purchasing this one myself and probably should get my Sister another one too..yes in the mini version it's just too cute okay!

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water
This one is a big favourite (forgot to take a picture of it though..oops) and particularly great for those of you who suffer with dry skin and come on that's most of us in Winter. What's different between this one and the original Micellar water is the oil you may have seen pictures where there's a line of yellowish oil floating at the top and it works wonders in removing your make up gently and easier leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated and doesn't leave your skin looking oily in any way either.  It smells so nice as well and lasts really well although mine is pretty much empty right now so I must get a new one soon so I'll stop rambling on now because I will be doing a review on this one..if I have anything left to say..awkward.

Wake Me Up Foundation
I'm currently the lightest shade in this foundation I really want them to bring out a concealer to match this shade pretty please Rimmel? This foundation has such a good coverage leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking slightly dewy. It has glitter speckles in much like my trusty Wake Me Up Concealer but doesn't leave you with a glittery face at all it just helps with that healthy glow. This has been a go to foundation of mine for a few weeks now I just can't put it down!

Squiffy Print Pouch*
This pouch from Squiffy Print is so handy for carrying your essentials in I have been using it non-stop and carrying it everywhere with me, it's perfect for carrying even notebooks in as well as make up products I love it! Did a review on this one here if you want to know some more.


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Little Nivea Review

I got sent a few little bits and pieces from Nivea to give a try. I must admit Nivea is a massive brand but I never tend to buy there products but shame on me because they're pretty darn good and smell equally as nice!

Nivea Lip Butter*
This come in the cutest little lip tin and smells of blueberry muffins, yum! As you apply it, the lips feel instantly softer and much more looked after, the size is ideal to pop into your handbag and apply for quick application, it's so cute.

Nivea Deodorant*
Everyone likes to feel fresh under those arm pits of ours don't we and we all have them and let's be honest sometimes then can get a bit stinky. This roll on Nivea Deodrant keeps you feeling fresh which is want you want and doesn't feel rough when applying to the skin it's definitely much more gentle on the skin than others.

Nivea Face Wash*
I really like this product you apply this to damp skin, rub it in and wash it off and it leaves your skin feeling really soft. This has the signature Nivea scent which smells so nice. This will be a repurchase for me I think! Love it.


*Post Contains PR Samples

Monday, 6 February 2017

Eucerin Dry Skin Skincare

Eucerin Dry Skin, Eucerin Review, Eucerin Skincare, Eucerin Skincare Review
Eucerin Dry Skin, Eucerin Review, Eucerin Skincare, Eucerin Skincare Review

Eucerin Face Cream
I did find this Face Cream* really good at keeping my dry skin at bay I do think it would take a lot longer to work if you have already got dry skin patches mind. It doesn't have any  special scent to it or anything more of a chemical smell but it didn't bother me at all. It sinks into the skin really nicely leaving it feeling soft to the touch and hydrating. This along with the Skin Balm is a great combo.

Eucerin Skin Balm
The Skin Balm* has a thick Vaseline based texture. It soothes the thing and acts as a protective layer after using the face cream. I used this along with the face cream and it kept the dry skin away nicely which is really good. This same as the face cream sinks well into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy feel at all.

Eucerin Bath and Shower Oil
Unfortunately the Bath and Shower Oil* was my least favourite product, I found pouring out the oil really hard so some product would get wasted. However the smell of this one would definitely put me off using it. It's almost a fishy smell which I didn't like at all, whereas other family members didn't think it was that bad so I guess it just depends on the person but for me I wouldn't purchase this purely based on the scent.

Eucerin Hand Cream
This Hand Cream* has a similar scent to the Face Cream and from the first use leaves your hands so so soft like seriously soft! It dries in seconds and didn't leave a sticky feeling at all, this one is definitely one of my favourites so good. This would definitely keep your hands in good condition throughout the Winter.

Eucerin Body Wash
I definitely prefer this one to the Bath and Shower Oil it's a thicker gel consistency and as you apply to wet skin applies like a moisturiser then turns into a soapy foam. This has a similar chemical smell to the Face Cream but left my skin feeling really soft and not dry in the slightest.


*This post contains PR Samples
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