Friday, 13 January 2017

2016 Beauty Favourites

2016 Beauty Favourites

Hello! It's nice to be back after a bit of a blogging break, I hope you had a lovely Christmas, I'm already counting down again now! It's time for some beauty products that really stood out for me last year and quickly became big big beauty favourites of mine.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes
You have probably seen these talked about as the best high street eyeshadow palettes and I can see why! I have two of these palettes and they quickly became staples in my make up routine if I wasn't reaching for one palette I was reaching for the other, I have the Oh So Special Palette and the All Night Long one, the Oh So Special is more pink based and the All Night Long more bronze based both perfect for everyday use and the pigmentation of these is incredible! Love them!

MAC Brave
This has been my go to lipstick from MAC for a while, it's a pink based nude lipstick that's really pretty and as it's MAC as you expect the staying power is great.

Make Up Rev Pressed Powder
This pressed powder costs only £2 and it's one that I used all the time last year, I find it works really well for me. Bargain!

Body Fantasies
A new discovery for me was the Body Fantasies fragrances pretty sure these launched last year and I used them non stop these are so cute and have really nice fruity scents - definitely my go to Spring and Summer scents last year (full review here) I also love how the bottles are plastic so you can carry them around with no fear of them breaking how good is that?

What have been your favourite beauty products?



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