Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Collection Illuminating Foundation Review And Testing Out A Beauty Hack

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation, Beauty Hack

After receiving a recent email containing a beauty hack idea my first thought was 'how have I not thought of this?!' And secondly was 'I have to give this a try' so that's exactly what I did! What was this beauty hack you may ask? Well, it was suggesting to mix bio oil into your foundation to give you luminous skin and I'm such a fan of glowy and dewy foundations that I couldn't wait to give this a go.

I was kindly gifted the Collection Illuminating Foundation* to test out this beauty hack with but as I'd never actually tried this foundation out or tried any foundations from Collection before I thought I'd add a mini review into the post as well. First impressions this foundation is pretty incredible, it does exactly what it says and leaves a natural glow, it blended really nicely and was a great medium coverage (and that was applied without using a primer..ooops). I was so impressed with this foundation it left my skin feeling hydrated and didn't cake over dry patches leaving my skin almost looking dare I say it..airbrushed yep, I went there. Unfortunately I was sent this in the shade Warm Beige 4 which is much too dark for my skin tone but I think I will be purchasing this again in the shade Porcelain because I was that impressed with it. If you love a glowy look, I'd definitely recommend giving this one from Collection a go.

So to test out this beauty hack I took Collections Illuminating Touch Foundation and mixed two pumps of this with two drops (I think one would also be enough!) of my bio oil and mixed them together using my real techniques expert face brush and applied straight to my skin. This foundation is already dewy and glowy but hey..a little more hydration in this cold weather can't hurt right? Mixing these two together created such a nice glow on my skin, making my skin look so much healthier, it felt softer and the bio oil made it smell nice too! Throughout the day my skin felt a lot more hydrated than usual. So now I'm going to try this out with my regular foundations, as I said this one is too dark for my skin tone. But I'm impressed with this beauty hack, it gets a big thumbs up from me and is perfect for keeping your skin extra hydrated in the Winter as mine tends to get dry in the cold weather. Definitely give this one a try if you love a glowy look or suffer from dry skin!

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  1. This foundation seems amazing :) here in Italy we don't have this brand so I can't try it (and I'm so curious about the well-known concealer!). Now I'm using the Revlon ColorStay foundation and I love it !! xx


    1. Ohhh I've never tried that foundation before! x

  2. I've never heard of this before but I'm definitely going to try it! x


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