Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Autumn/Winter Make Up Picks

Autumn Winter Makeup Picks, Autumn Winter Make Up Picks

When it comes to Autumn and Winter I tend to Change my make up a little adding more hydrating products and going glitter heavy over the festive season (Christmas picks post coming soon!)

First up is the Goddess of Love highlighter (I've seen a unicorn one on Instagram, need!) I love that it's heart shaped makes it that extra bit cute and the highlighter itself is really pigmented it's such a pretty highlight and lovely for adding that little bit of extra glow.

Now you're probably wondering why Bio Oil is on my make up picks well if you seen my last post (here) I recently learnt mixing bio oil on your foundation keeps it that extra bit moisturising and gives your skin this amazing glow! One of my favourite powders from the drugstore is the Make Up Revolution powder, I use this all the time - definitely my go to!

Gold and Bronze eyeshadows (especially all the glitter) I tend to reach for all the time, this Collection palette is full of pretty shimmery shades and are all really wearable for £3 I love it, bargain! Also you cannot go wrong with the Maybelline Tattoo in On and On Bronze - ultimate favourite!

For lip products I've picked a Winter Baby Lips lip balm and Barry M Lip Oils all super hydrating to make sure my lips stay nice and moisturised in the cold weather.




  1. I used to use On and On bronze allll the time - such a staple!xx

    LUCY |

    1. It's such a pretty bronze shade :) x

  2. The highilghter looks very nice :) I love to use my Mary-Lou Manizer !! I'm a huge fan of glowy makeup :)

    1. Me too! The more glow the better for sure! x


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