Tuesday, 25 October 2016

First Impressions | Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm

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So after giving into the beauty hype (it does get you sometimes) I purchased the Nivea Men's Post Shaving Balm to replace my usual Primer I was actually pretty excited to use this and it would work out a lot cheaper that buying a primer and I love a bargain so I had big hopes since a lot of people seemed to love it however..it didn't work for me. Sigh.

When I apply my usual primer it softens my skin and blurs out my pores making my skin feel nice and soft and look so much softer. The shave balm is liquid based so it's hard to pour an amount on your hand without it dripping everywhere and once I applied it onto my face I didn't notice anything special it just left my face feeling wet and damp, hmm, not great.

So after waiting a whiiiile for it to finally dry out I applied my makeup and noticed it looking cakey in certain places and my make up just didn't sit right. So I went back to my usual primer and there was no cakiness and my make up looked much much better.

 So unfortunately for me was this worth the hype? Not so much. I may go back to it and try it again but for now it's going in the drawer.

Have you tried this out? Did it work for you? 




  1. I've been really keen to try this ever since it became very 'hyped' but its really interesting to hear some different opinions on it! I'd love to know what primer you usually use as I'm looking to try some new ones at the moment! Tavi x

    1. My current favourite is the Maybelline babyskin primer :) x

  2. I've never tried this hack, but I never imagined it could work as well as people keep saying! I can imagine it making your skin feel great and refreshed, but not have anywhere near all the perks of primer!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. Yeah it definitely feels refreshing, but just doesn't work too well as a primer for me x

  3. Sounds rubbish! Don't think I'll be giving it a try anytime soon. xx

    LUCY | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. It's definitely a 50/50 chance it works I'd say lots of people love it, but for me it just didn't work unfortunately! x

  4. Ah that's a shame this didn't work for you! What skin type do you have? It works really well for me luckily, though I definitely agree it doesn't do anything extra like blurring my pores, but since it does a really good job of keeping my makeup in place and is cheap I can overlook that!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Ahh thats good to hear, it's definitely a 50/50 type of product, it just didn't work for me unfortunately x

  5. I've wanted to try it for a while after seeing all the hype around it but it seems that for a lot of people it's hit and miss. I'm currently using the Barry M Flawless colour correcting primer and loving it so I'll stick with that.
    Thanks for sharing your opinion :)



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