Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rose and Co Rose Petal Beauty Salve

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Firstly how pretty is this Rose Petal Beauty Salve* by Rose and Co? It's so nice! If you've never heard of this beauty salve before it may just look like you're average lip balm tin, but this beauty isn't just for your lips. It's one of those products that does everything seriously 'It can be used for many and varied purposes including taming the brows and condition and tame lashes, to soften cuticles on fingers and toes, to smooth elbows and knees, as a sheen over lipstick, a gloss on brow bones or cheek bones, to mix with shimmer powder and to fix body glitter and sequins..' So yeah it does just a few things, now I can honestly say I haven't tried it out on all these things, who knows maybe I'll give it a challenge and do an updated post. But for now I've been using it purely as a lip balm.

Rose and Co, Rose and Co Beauty Balm, Rose and Co Beauty Salve Review, Petal Beauty Salve Review, Beauty Balm Review, Beauty Balm

For this a little goes a long way so if you love a multi-purpose product this might be the best thing to have in your handbag, it's the most popular product from Rose and Co, plus it doesn't take up too much room, bonus! Why is it called Rose Petal salve? I think that's completely down to the scent, it's fairly strong so if you're not keen on strong scents this might not be for you, but it smells just like flowers, think floral, roses, garden centres, that in a tin.

When I first applied it to my lips you could feel it working almost cooling/soothing and it made my lips feel a little tingly, I could literally feel it working, but even after the lip balm had worn off my lips a few hours later my lips still felt super super soft! And I only applied it just the once in the morning, so I'm pretty impressed with this. Even just purely as a lip balm! It's not sticky in the slightest either and I could still smell the scent to the lip balm on my lips..that's how strong it is, I don't think I've ever noticed that with any other lip balm I've tried before. I think this would be really good for the Winter as well to put the moisture back in and keep those lips nice and hydrated. A definite must have for girls on the go - this one tin does everything!

Have you tried this out?

*PR Sample




  1. How cute is that! I love rose scented things so ill have to keep my eyes peeled x


    1. It's got such a strong rose scent so nice! x

  2. This looks great! I remind's me of the Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream as that has soooo many uses too!

    Alisha x


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