Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Bio Oil

Bio Oil Review
Bio Oil Review

Bio Oil* is one of those beauty products that pops up all the time or I hear about it every so often and most recently in fact I spotted a Bio Oil on Kylie Jenners snapchat and is said its a favourite product of Kim Kardashian West too! Now I don't know about you but I love the Kardashians and there's no doubt about the fact they always look good, especially their skin it's always so flawless looking so if it's good enough for the Kardashians I thought I'd give it a whirl besides its price doesn't break the bank bonus!

I've heard a lot about bio oil for stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone but I never knew you could use it for all over hydration, did you? So I tend to get dry skin especially through the winter months so I've been giving this a try for hydration purposes. It also mentions that it's great for the Summer for hydrating after being out in the sun, moisturising the legs and to add a dewy glow to the face, so I'll be test driving it in the Summer also. It costs around £8.65 for a 60ml bottle which is what I have and even though it seems small a little goes a long way, because it's an oil I had this fear that I'd tip it everywhere and I'd end up wasting half of it on the floor but it has this stopper that only lets a few drops out which is more than enough to moisturise with. Once I've put it on my skin it feels and looks a lot more hydrated and leaves my skin feeling much more softer, it doesn't feel sticky at all and it smells really nice almost orange undertones too it and leaves you smelling like it for a good few hours.

I haven't noticed any miracles with this yet but I've only been using it for a month and I think this is definitely a product that you have to use regularly to see major differences so I'm going to keep using it and probably do an updated review in a few months but for now, I really do like it, it hydrates my skin and helps puts the moisture back, it's now a new addition in my skincare routine!

Have any of you tired bio oil! What were your thoughts on it? 

*PR Sample



  1. My boyfriend used this and couldn't get on with it because he was always applying too much but it seems like a good product for the price! I'm like you and worry I'm going to waste it by spilling it or something! :) x

    1. I was totally worried about spilling it everywhere haha! So glad its got a stopper on it x


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