Thursday, 17 September 2015

Recently Watched | TV and Film

 So I've been a bit of a TV and Film binge-watcher recently, you know what it's like you watch the first episode of a show and love it and then a few hours later you're now on episode 10..yeah that kind of thing so I thought I'd share with you the movies and TV shows I have been loving.

Revenge - I've watched this show from start to finish it's such a great gripping show with lots of twists and turns to keep you watching and shouting NO WAY at your TV screen, if you haven't given this a go yet I'd definitely recommend it.

Harry Potter - Yep these are movie classics aren't they? And are still just as popular now as they were when they first came out I've been loving watching the Harry Potter movies recently, which Harry Potter House would you want to be in?

Desperate Housewives - Another great show discovery, full of the happenings in Wisteria Lane based around a group of friends it's such a gripping show again like Revenge I found myself gasping in shock or shouting no way at the TV screen tonnes of times and this show definitely just makes you want to watch more and more episodes, 5 in a row even..

Frozen - I'm a Disney girl and I love Disney movies! You can't go wrong with watching Frozen I love this movie it's so so good and a great movie for all ages (including big kids..cough me cough..) it'll have you singing along that's for sure..anyone want to build a snowman?

So that's my TV and Movie recommendations for you, what have you been watching recently? 




  1. I don't think I will ever get bored of watching Harry Potter, all time classic.


  2. Love Desperate Housewives, I watched the entire series in my first year at uni (that among many others). And Harry Potter has always been a firm favourite. My current obsession is Ex On The Beach, it's such a guilty pleasure, so bad it's good. x

    Megan |

    1. Desperate Housewives is such a good show! x

  3. Ugh, Revenge. It's so stupid, but it's so addictive, I hate it! Haha.

    I've been binge watching through all of Orange is the New Black, That '70s Show, and Community recently...

    Laura | LikeCubed


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